There are a few rules that we ask our students to follow to keep all of our students safe and make sure everybody enjoys the sessions.

Rule #1: Don’t be reckless. When learning new movements, take your time and build up slowly. Be patient and work through each step, one at a time. You will progress further in the long run and be at lower risk of getting injured. If we give you a progression to do, it’s for a reason!

Rule #2: Listen to the coaches. When stations are being explained, pay attention and don’t distract other students when the coaches are talking. You could miss out on important information that might prevent an injury. Feel free to chat and have fun during the session, but please listen up when we are speaking.

Rule #3: Focus when you are performing a movement or a route and don’t distract others when it is their turn to perform an exercise.

Rule #4: Don’t jump on, climb or move the equipment without supervision from a coach.

Rule #5: On soft equipment, stay focused and don’t intentional bail or mess up techniques. The majority injuries happen on soft equipment when students are being reckless, not on hard equipment when people tend to be more focused.

Rule #6: No fighting or name calling, even if it is just joking between friends. It sets a bad example for the other students and disrupts the session for everybody involved. If you come to the class, you MUST treat everyone with respect and friendship.

If you repeatedly break any of the rules to the point of disrupting the session for everyone else, endangering yourself or others we will ask you to leave the session.

A Final Note
Try your best! Even if you don’t complete a challenge, if you gave it your all then you have won. You will improve and come back stronger and more capable next week.

Have fun! These sessions are all about enjoying yourself, making friends and joining in with a great community.