Chris Scott

Chris is a true student of movement, as well as being a level 2 coach; he boasts a degree in Sports Therapy and works professionally in strength and conditioning. Athletic development and injury rehabilitation are huge passions for Chris and they shines through in his teaching.

Chris is a very humble practitioner and thought he wouldn’t say it himself he has a very high level of technical skill as well as excellent mobility and strength. His knowledge and passion for what he teaches shows in his sessions where he will happily share high level tips and advice for those who are willing to make use of it.

Chris began training around 2009 in Coventry and initially had a very acrobatic approach to his training, this focus shifted when he discovered the challenge oriented approach to Parkour which widened his practise to include more training methods. When he isn’t training Parkour, he’s often increasing his knowledge base, or standing on his hands!