Joe has a unique drive and work ethic, coupled with seemingly unlimited energy! A graduate in marketing and an expert in web development, he has many talents aside from his undeniable skill in Parkour. Joe has been training since 2007 and was one of the first exponents of the discipline in the town of Rugby. Joe’s hunger to learn more brought him to other cities in the Midlands where he formed close bonds with the communities and practitioners he met.

His drive to see Parkour grow in his home town lead to him being heavily involved in the construction of the Parkour park in Rugby, where he lead the design and consultation on the project, which was one of the largest in the UK at the time.

Joe is one of the most experienced coaches in the UK, having taken the first official level 2 coaching course run by Parkour UK, he joined us in 2010 and can be found bringing his vast energy reserves to many of our sessions!