One of the first people to practise Parkour in Leicester, Tim has been training since 2003. Practising regularly since that time, there is no-one with more Parkour experience in the region. Tim is a very conscientious practitioner and has always paid attention to the finer details of movement. This approach is reflected in his coaching with his unparalleled ability to break complex movements into scalable drills for all learners.

Tim was chosen to take the pilot courses for the level 1 and level 2 UK coaching qualifications due to his expertise and experience, this made him one of the first coaches globally to be fully qualified. Always friendly and approachable, Tim is always willing to go the extra mile for students willing to do the same.

Tim’s other talents include the fact that he is a professional graphic designer and is the man behind our branding and logo! He also enjoys video games (namely Civilization), walking his dog and generally being outdoors!